Trip to USS NEW JERSEY & Naval Submarine Base, Bangor 10-3-98


I will have pictures on this trip as soon as I update new computer for scanner. But will tell you what we did.

The day started at Montesano High School at 07:45 we loaded our gear and persons on the bus and headed for the USS NEW JERSEY. We arrived at Bremerton Naval Shipyard at Approximatly 10:00 we unloaded personel and color gaurd equipment. Boarded the decomishened battle ship and did a color gaurd for a change of command service for the NCIS [ Naval Criminal Investagative Service ]. We all got drenched on the rain. We boarded the bus and ate lunch and headed for the NSB, Bangor. There we visited the Marines The command fall in was givin as we fell in on the 5 Marines. There we did the Marine Corps daily 7. Side straddle hops, push-ups, stretches, leg lifts, sit-ups, and the a nice jog to the Obstacle course and rappelling tower. We ran the O- course then did a Sit-up and pull-up test. We the rappelled off the 50 FT. rappelling tower. We then boarded the bus and went to McDonalds... Then arrived back in dear old Monte High at 20:00 hours....


This is the Banks Tower it is 50 ft. tall

I hope no one was afraid of heights.